What I live for

With a mix of focus and fun, I try to live life well while producing valuable output for the world and people around me.

I care about making the world a better place, and try to do so by using my strengths and working on my weaknesses where I need to use them.

In order to make serious impact I strive to raise my standards each week.
I compete with the best version of myself imaginable.

Current goals

❏ 1. Finish Macromolecular Materials Master

❏ 2. Finish Business & Economics studies at SSE

❏ 3. Commercialize technical wood product

Within my lifetime I will do my best to:

  • Make life a little better for all the lovely people around me.
  • Make things a little better in my hometown.
  • Make things a little better in my home country.
  • Make things a little better on earth.
  • Have fun while doing so 🙂