Currently I'm studying and working part time with solutions for commercializing newly invented materials made from cellulose

Right now I focus on my Biotech studies at KTH as well as my Business & Economic studies at SSE. However, I’ve got some time over each week and currently spend this time on a part-time occupation.

When I’ve got time over I currently study the following books:

  • Biotech Industry  “A Global, Economic and Financing Overview” – by Bryan Bergeron
  • Plant Cell Biology – by William V. Dashek

Customer service

To serve is a very important factor for me. I believe this world owe us nothing, but we owe everything to this world. Being a kind human being is an easy practice, unfortunately often forgotten. Here are what some people have to say about my service:

*Customer ratings on Hygglo*

When on the move I also used to provide services for international companies by producing voice overs.

See more on Fiverr:


When traveling from and to school and work I usually read. Here are my current reads and the one’s I’ve recently finished: